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Writing for the Blog (That’s This)

February 17, 2010

REIA-NCI would like to increase membership participation and ownership in the group by encouraging members to submit comments and ideas to/for the website blog.  For those who are unsure, the blog is what you are reading right now.  Before submitting a topic for posting please keep the group’s objectives in mind.

REIA-NCI is a  non-profit real estate investment association designed primarily for the real estate investment education of our members.  Second, and just as important we strive to continue building an excellent relationship with our communities in general.  It is important to remember that these two items work hand-in-hand for the health of our group and are not mutually exclusive.

Therefore, articles should be written in a friendly, professional manner; convey helpful information; and be relevant to real estate investing, or community relationship building.  You should include your byline (your name and title), preferably at the beginning of the text, and your content needs to be original to you.  If you quote someone’s work be sure to cite it, and if it is longer than a few words be sure you have the original author’s written permission before attempting to publish.  It is also helpful if general grammar and spelling are correct, so please run “spell-check” before submitting.

REIA-NCI members can use their dashboard to submit comments and questions for review and posting.  Please keep your submissions relevant to real estate investing, but feel free to post questions, answers to questions, or comments.  Remember that posts can be viewed by the general public.  If you wish your comments to be viewable by WordPress members only, please make a notation at the begining of your text submission.


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