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Filthy Riches Real Estate Investing Seminar

May 16, 2013
Larry Goins

Larry Goins

“Filthy Riches” a real estate investing seminar will be held May 23 in South Bend, IN. Presented by Larry Goins, a veteran real estate investor and national speaker, the seminar will show how a “Filthy” house that no one wants can create more profit that the $100,000 houses most people think they should be investing in. Larry will show how anyone can do this and debut his new simple System-In-A-Box that contains every detail on how its done. The seminar is hosted by the Real Estate Investors Association of North Central Indiana (REIA-NCI) and will be held at 6:30 p.m., on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at the Sanctuary for St. Paul’s, 3602 S. Ironwood, South Bend, IN. The event is free and open to the public.

Larry Goins notes that there was a time where you just needed to find motivated sellers and the rest was almost done for you (that was the boom). Now, you need to have an effective and consistent way to find buyers too. Then, connect the two and structure a great deal. Finally, go to the bank and cash your check. Even with all the changes to the real estate market over the last few years things haven’t really changed that much he says, you just need new approaches and tools to uncover the cash. His new approach: Stop looking for the houses you think people want. “I only focus on tactics that require no cash or credit that even a rookie can do, so anyone can do this (even from home). I call it my ‘Filthy Riches’ system and I want to share how these types of deals work and how much you can really make.” he says.

“We think this will bring some fresh ideas and new approaches to the South Bend real estate market” says Dave Smith, President of REIA-NCI.

For more information on the seminar please contact Dave Smith at 574-282-1014


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