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Admission to Regular Meetings

  • All 1st time visitors may attend one of our Regular Meetings at No Charge when the visitor presents a filled out guest card at the sign in table.
  • For all other Non-members there will be a $10 (per meeting) admission fee payable at the sign in table.
  • REIA-NCI Members may attend all Regular Meetings for FREE.

Become a REIA-NCI Member:

  • To join A membership application must be properly filled out and submitted along with annual dues.
  • Annual membership dues are $70.00(USD) {that’s equal to about $3.18/person/meeting}
  • One ‘business partner’ or spouse may be listed per membership
  • Business partner/Spouse may attend all of the Regular meetings at no additional charge
  • Each Membership receives only ONE vote when a vote is taken by the club on any particular order of business.

membership application

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